Editing & Proofreading Academic Papers

Do you have an important academic paper you need edited, proofread, and/or polished? Kay is experienced in editing even the most critical, in-depth projects. The above academic paper was written by someone who was not a native English-speaker. Kay reconstructed sentences, corrected grammar and spelling, and did research as needed on the subject matter. She goes above and beyond to ensure academic papers are top quality and ready to be scrutinized.

Editing & Proofreading Subject-Specific Projects

Have an article, news story, or other subject-specific project that needs polishing? Do you have an idea for an article but unsure how to draft it? Kay specializes in all of the above. This article was, at the outset, incoherent and appeared to have been drafted originally by someone who was not a native English-speaker. After Kay researched the subject matter (granite countertops), she edited and polished the article to make it professional, easy to read, and easy to understand.

Editing & Proofreading Blog Posts

Are you too busy running your business to edit your company's blog posts, articles, advertisements, and marketing material? Have an idea for blog posts or other marketing materials but unsure how to draft them? Kay specializes in these types of writing and editing projects. The original blog post here was choppy and did not depict the highest level of professionalism to potential customers. After Kay's editing, it is now clear, fluid, and professional (click above and take a look).

Non-Fiction Books: Editing, Proofreading, Critiques, & Ghostwriting

In addition to her fiction work, Kay provides services for editing, proofreading, critiquing, and ghostwriting for non-fiction work, as well. Click on the above example. The author had an interesting topic and started things off well, but Kay took it to the next level by fleshing this section out and using various techniques to draw readers in and make the overall piece fluid. The author was pleased, and you will be, too!

Drafting, Editing, & Proofreading Professional Correspondence

Do you need a professional letter drafted? Will this letter be seen by dozens of people, or even just one very important person? Kay has experience drafting professional letters and other business correspondence. In this letter, the law firm provided Kay will very basic information (the date of retirement, the attorney's accolades/accomplishments), and Kay took it from there. The result: a professional, polished letter for this important announcement.

Creating Ad Copy & Marketing Material

Do you need ad copy or marketing material? Kay provides these services, too. Without knowing anything about cycling, she was able to draft the above article for a Croatia-based tourism agency who planned to utilize it as marketing material in a European magazine. Through her keen research skills, she painted a picture that would attract cycling tourists to Hvar Island. After reading the advertisement, one professional cyclist told the tour operator: "I felt like I was there as I read it!"

Drafting, Editing, & Proofreading Subject-Specific Articles & Blog Posts

Kay works with clients to create the most stunning presentation of the material they wish to present. For this blog post, the author had an idea for an informative article that would teach people how to survive if stranded in their car during a winter storm. Kay learned about the survivalist techniques employed in this scenario and assisted the author in taking his idea from conception through completion.